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I Loved You So Much Bo
aka thor

It's strange how you find love and where you find love.  They say it comes when your not looking for it.  I wasn't looking for it but it found me anyway and I wish it never had on the internet.

I originally made this page for the man I fell in love with, by the name of Bo, on the internet in March 2002. It spoke of my love for him. I have deleted that page and although this hurts I am putting my story here for others to read and I am not ashamed to do so as it could happen to anybody.  A most wonderful person he is, always sending me real cards and gifts and we loved each other dearly online.  For two years we spoke of marrying, just things we would both like to do together.  My love for him kept me holding on to the day we would finally meet. He lived in Mass but in November of 2002 moved to Florida where I am. I thought surly now we would finally meet as we only live 85 miles apart. Always he put me off and never would he call. Yes I at first accepted his reasons but the whole time I was putting together clues to locate him.

For those "in love" you know it goes deep. We were so tuned to each other.     Well with patience and perseverance I finally located him. I went to his house several times in the hopes I would see him. You see all he sent me was a very old picture of a very good looking young man. My mystery man as I called him. The whole two years of our online relationship I told him I would get him one day. I'm sure he laughed about that since he thought he was so clever to hide. He just never met a rebel like me and a smart one at that.

I'll make this part short because it still makes me cry. March 2004 with the help of two of my sisters we were bound and determained to get a picture of my mystery man before I actually did knock on his door. That didn't happen and I did not knock on the door because what I discovered tore my world apart, that the man I loved was in fact a female and was playing a cruel game with all the women she met on a game site. To say I was crushed is mild. This whole time I had been in love with a female. I confronted her online but she is still in denial I guess to herself. Doesn't want to admit it openly. Sadly two of her sisters also cover for her and let you believe she is a man. As a person I still love her but feel very sorry for her and even sorrier that she continues to play at being a male to lure women on the game site. Even after learning the truth I did not want to believe it and it's very hard. Oh how I wish it was only a dream, but sadly it is not.


I have confronted her of course online and she tells me to go on with my life. I said I will but you owe me an explanation and I want to see you face to face. I will do this, I have to do this. I don't know what pain Bo has been through to do this to other women, but it is not right. After learning this my heart was broken, I cried and cried, all my dreams were shattered and my trust betrayed. It will be hard to trust anyone ever again after this cruel joke on me. Funny thing is I don't hate her and I will pray that she gets peace and a real relationship in her life.

UPDATEI finally met Bo on 4/2/04 had planned on April Fools Day. I won't put her whole life story on here. Turns out she is elderly and retired and got bored, so pretending to be a man this started out as a joke but got serious then guess she couldn't quit. She only loved once in her life until I came into it, and the first woman passed away many many years ago. I spent the night, I spoke my mind and hopefully we will remain friends in spite of what she did to me although she does love me and that part was the truth. Whether she quits doing this I have no idea, I hope she does and I told her just be who you are and you will have just as much fun. She didn't mean to hurt but it just got out of hand and she certainly never expected to be found out. She is a very funny person and I know her well. So sad to be trapped in a body that is not who you really are. I'm straight but will always hold a place for her in my heart because she touched me deeply as I have her. I still love you Bo but in a different way now. ***************************************************************************************


Some of the beautiful flowers Bo sent to me

November 11, 1938-July 21, 2004

UPDATE I'm saddened now as Bo lost her battle with cancer on July 21, 2004. She told no one she had it, not even her family until the very end. She went peacefully at home in her chair with her beloved Thor (her doberman) by her side. Rest in peace Bo you left a mark on a lot of our hearts and especially mine and I will surly miss you. The last thing she said to me was Lynn I only loved you and always will.
BEWARE!!!! Many people have met online and fallen in love and married, but beware of the ones playing cruel jokes for their own pleasure. If they won't call you after a few months, or meet you then suspect something. A picture is no good because like the one "he" sent me was not of her.  

We both loved this song, for the ones that are in love with someone that they know is who they say they are. Whether your straight or not makes no difference if your in love, but at least don't pretend to be a male to a straight woman or a female to a straight male. This is heartless.


The Power of Love by Celine Dion 

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The Power of Love

The whispers in the morning, of lovers sleeping tight, are rolling like thunder now, as I look in your eyes, I hold onto your body, and feel each move you make, your voice is warm and tender, a love that I could not forsake, 'Cause I am your lady and you are my man, whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can.
Even though there may be times it seems I'm far away, Never wonder where I am, 'Cause I am always by your side, 'Cause I am your lady, and you are my man, Whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can
We're heading for something, somewhere I've never been,

Sometimes I am frightened, but I'm ready to learn, of the power of love, the sound of your heart beating, Made it clear, suddenly the feeling that I can't go on, is light years away, 'Cause I am your lady, and you are my man, whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can, We're heading for something, somewhere I've never been, Sometimes I am frightened, but I'm ready to learn,
"Of the Power of Love"