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I wrote this for my son who almost lost his life because of the following.  This is for him and those who may lose theirs. He has been shot at, hit a telephone pole in his car and many other things all due to drugs.   Your family can love you, cuss you, lecture you, try to keep you out of trouble and cry over you.  But you, the addict are the only one who can change you.  God gave my son another chance, I pray he heeds the warning.  I love you son, please don't make me cry over your grave.  Your the only son I have or will have, I'd like to keep you.  Love, Mom


Hello, I'm King Dope
I'm very powerful and come in all forms,
I'll make you feel good for a little while,
Come get high on me, all I wan't is your life,
for all      E T E R N I T Y.
Come get high on me, all it will cost is your
money, job and family,
So little a price for a few minutes of fun,
and then I have you hooked, unless you're
stronger than I, which I think   N O T!
You're weak, I'm not.
The only way to beat me is just to say NO,
but that's no fun, because your friends might
laugh at you and call you square or worse a nerd.
Stick with me, I'll teach you to lie, cheat and steal
from your friends, family and acquaintances,
Because I'm very expensive you see.
Oh what fun we will have,
Get some beer or liquor or both to join in
the fun, I'll make you forget where you've been
or where you're going and all that you may have
learned.  If you survive then we'll start all over again.
You'll be my subject, in my Kingdom.
Forget what they tell you about me because I'll
make you feel good, without a care in the world.
Come be my subject as long as you live,
If you should die, then I will replace you with
another and another.
Come now, swallow me, smoke me, sniff me, shoot me up
I don't care,
I'll capture your soul and cause your




I am very proud to say that this was over ten years ago.  I put him into a long term program, which he hated but survived and got on TV to tell others about his addiction to crack.  He never touched it again although he admits that sometime he wants to but doesn't.  He is now the father of two beautiful girls and I don't have to hide all my valubles anymore.  If you have a family member hooked all you can do is try to get them help.  It's up to them to stay clean.  I told my son to call me if ever he got the urge and lets talk about it.  He did and I thank God for giving him back to me.

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