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These are pictures of our mother after I got guardianship and first had to slowly take her off the drugs and then got her completly off the drugs the quacks had her on and we were able to take her out of the nursing home to visit with us in our homes........the drugs had almost done her in so the change when taken off of them was remarkable......I don't think we took any of her in a zombie stage from 14 different medications.......please make sure the drugs your family is on if in a nursing home are necessary as most nursing homes just keep their patients drugged up so they won't have to tend to them so much and my mother was slowly starving to death as she was sleeping through meals and nurses aids didn't bother to try to feed her....This is my mother's natural hair color, she was the only one in the nursing home with dark hair. Thank you for stopping in and take care of your parents as they once took care of you.

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Mother's Fate