I worked hard day and night, doing
my best to bring you back to life.  I
checked every help site I could find.
there was no answer I could find, to cure
what ailed you. Still I refused to lose hope, I knew Icould cure you if I really tried. I cleaned you up and gave you a boost. You coughed and sputtered and tried real hard to revive, but then you just gave up and went to sleep again. I'd wake you again and you tried real hard but in the end I had to give up.  I was losing my best friend.

I got you real cozy and wrapped up so tight.  I had to send you off for professional help.

Now here I am so sad and alone trying to figure out what could have went wrong. I have no answers as of yet.

I'm trying to stay busy while you are away, by
catching up on all the cleaning that has not
been done.   Amazing I found that blouse in the hamper that I had been looking for everywhere.  Oh and look I do have a sink, I almost forgot.  The bill collectors have finally stopped calling and the mailman left me a thank you note for emptying the mailbox.  The trash is all gone, the dogs are fed and the grass is mowed and the weeds are cleaned out of the flower beds, my car looks funny without all the writing in the dirt and the inside sure does smell good since I got that leftover burger out of the back seat.

I hope your not gone long because I MISS ALL MY ONLINE FRIENDS and the library is no fun.

The UPS man thought I'd lost my mind when he came today and I greeted him with a great big hug and lugged that big heavy box quickly inside.

Your back now and you seem to be ok once again, since they gave you that new brain, but I'm telling you now if you don't straighten up I'm going to trade your BIOS self in for a younger model.




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