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"Micki" and Oscar

Micki was the sister of Junior, Lloyd and Gladys

Oscar was the brother of Bennye and Millie


Sisters to Oscar


G-Pa Edwin was the father of Micki, Junior, Lloyd and Gladys


G-Ma Annie was the second wife of Edwin and the mother of Ruby

Richard was the brother of Oswald---Raymond was the son of Uncle Oswald and Aunt Tillie


Husband and wife(Aunt Tillie-age 100 at death 2007)


Uncle Frank was the father of Danny and first husband to Aunt Gladys(Danny's mother)

Uncle Ted was the husband of Bennye and Uncle Paul was the husband of Millie, Monroe was the son-in-law of Oswald and Tillie


Mother and daughter


G-Pa Levy(85) & Granny Pearl(104 yrs at death 2005)

Step grand parents but more like blood    


Laura, mother of Micki,Junior,Lloyd,Gladys and sister to Tillie--Oscars g-mother--Oscar, Bennye, Millie's mother and father


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