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I will take a moment to say Hi to all the people I have met in chat, and what a great bunch they are to know. Maybe someday we can meet in person. A word of advice to anyone is to be sure they are a friend and not a fiend. To all my great bunch of girlfriends......there's Geena, who is very friendly and the first one who I met and took me under her wings in chat..hugs to you, then there's lil who is an angel to all, , paltastar loves to sit on speakers and drink milk, , steviejean knows all and is a great woman, and so many more I hate to leave anyone out, but all great, and I give you a big hug and squeezes. To the few men with a heart and honesty.... Driver who can't figure out where to drive, but a sweetie, flight can't figure out where he is going, but is a sweetheart as well, and shy and I got online about the same time and has been a great person to know and talk to, and I give you all a  big hug also. It is rare to find a good guy. LOL Guess the guys say that about us women also. To those who have found new love on the net I wish you all much happiness and hope you found your true love.


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